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Royal mule tracks
Valsavarenche: Vers-le-Bois - Plan Borgnoz

Valle d'Aosta - Italy

Valsavarenche: Vers-le-bois – Orvieille hunting lodge – Plan Borgnoz
The mule track starts in the town of Vers-le-bois, winds it way through the woods and after many bends reaches the hunting lodge of Orvieille (2168 m). The path continues towards the Lake of Djouan (2516 m) in the Entrelor Valley and from here climbs to the top of Col Manteau, from where it is possible to reach Vallone delle Meyes. Then, after going past the ridge, the track reaches the Nivolet Valley and eventually the Plan Borgnoz plateau. From this high point, you can either continue along the track leading to the Nivolet Lakes or take the path that goes down to Pont Valsavarenche.
By Gran Paradiso national park