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Royal mule tracks
Valsavarenche: Pont – Nivolet lakes

Valle d'Aosta - Italy

Valsavarenche: Pont – Croix de la Roley – Nivolet Lakes – Plan Borgnoz
The trail starts in the village of Pont Valsavarenche (1960 m) and climbs up the left slopes of the valley until it reaches Croix de la Roley (2310 m). Shortly afterwards, you will reach a fork: the trail to the left unfolds through the wide Nivolet plateau and proceeds southwest to reach Colle del Nivolet. On the way back, the itinerary follows the unpaved road up to a trail that heads left towards the Plan Borgnoz plateau (2672 m), whence it returns to the fork and from there to Pont Valsavarenche.
By Gran Paradiso national park